Alfred Nobel University Ukraine


Alfred Nobel University, Ukraine is a higher educational institution with the IV level of accreditation.

It is committed to enhancing innovative technologies in teaching and it helps to strengthen the country's position in the international arena, which is reflected in its mission.

The university creates up-to-date education and scientific values that correspond to the demands of the 21st century and are geared towards dynamic development of the economy and society, towards European and global integration of Ukraine.

Alfred Nobel University was founded in 1993 as a private higher education institution with a focus on management and economics. Until 2010, it was known as "University of Economics and Law, Dnipropetrovsk". 

In October, 2010 the university was renamed in honour of Alfred Nobel — the founder of the Nobel Prize — for a weighty contribution to promoting Nobel movement in Ukraine through holding events connected with spreading Nobel ideas and became Alfred Nobel University.

In recent years, university has focused particularly on introducing programmes beyond the disciplinary boundaries of Economics and Law, such as Psychology, Political Studies and Social Work.

In the year 2015-16, about 3.400 students were enrolled at Alfred Nobel University, about 20% of who study at Master's level.

In total, the number of faculty amounts to about 150 persons, including full- and part-time teachers.

The large majority of DUAN students is recruited from the city of Dnipro or the surrounding area. Most graduates find employment on the local market.

Tuition Fee $1100 - 2500/Per year
Year Founded
Deadline 01.10.2018
Required Exams
University Type Private
University degree Bachelor, Master, PhD
Education language English, Ukrainian, Russian
Department of Economics and Modelling Business Processes
Department of Innovation Management and International Logistics
Department of International Finance
Accounting and Taxation
International Marketing Department
Department of International Tourism
Hotel & Restaurant Business and Language Training
Department of International Economic Relations and Economic Theory
Department of Pedagogy and Psychology
Department of Political Science and International Relations
Law Department
Address Dnipro, Ukraine
Country Ukraine
Cities Dnipro
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